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Would you like to have 10 Americas Fitness Magazines for only $5; to sell for a profit at $5 EACH?
Would you like to earn additional money bringing other AFM products to the market?
Would you like to participate in Promoter only contests, events, and reality shows?
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How To Become a Promoter:
Sign up below and it will take you to a secure pay pal account. Signing up gives you the ability to get a reoccurring supply of 24 cans of Energy Drink and 10 Americas Fitness Magazines for only $35 every 2 months! A $100 value for only $35! Don’t forget that you will get to participate in all of the other aforementioned events and contests AND the Movie!

We can have as many promoters as possible in any city; HOWEVER, only the FIRST 64 PROMOTERS that remain active (get minimum 24 cans, 10 mags) will have the major benefits mentioned.

We will be giving updates and discussing the events and contests on the Web Show starting May 1st! We are anticipating the First Delivery to your city around July 1st.

*Early Sign Bonus April/May: If Signed and Paid in April 2011 – You will get a free Island Beast T-Shirt (pick up from the city gym) and an additional 6 cans of Island Beast at the July 1st Delivery.

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