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We are:

  1. A Men’s Fitness Magazine
  2. An Entertainment Marketing Company creating the FIRST ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING MOVIE!
  3. Conducting a Top Fitness, Swimsuit, Lingerie Model Search across the US
  4. Producing a Movie utilizing the Top Models and Comedians/Actors that we find
  5. Utilizing the power of Social Network Marketing, our Web Show, Facebook, and ALL network marketing and media available to find our Models and Actors and Distribution Promoters
  6. Having  Limited and Exclusive positions in each city for:
    1. 1 City Team Leader
    2. 1 Sports Bar; for the movie bar scene and various promo events
    3. 1 Gym/Fitness Center; for Energy Drink and product distribution and promo events
    4. 1 Videographer; for the movie scene from that city
    5. 1 Photographer; for photo shoots of the models from that city
    6. 64 Distribution Promoters with model voting and movie scene privileges; to have fun and make some money promoting products, the movie, and the city models!
    7. (Some of the larger cities may have 2 to 4 sports bars, gyms, and set of 64 promoters)
  7. Introducing 12 new products to the market via the Movie - an inspirational comedy

MODELS: Submit your video resume! See rules and regulations on the Events/Contests page

Promoters: Do you like energy drink? Do you want to choose the 3 most attractive women in your city? Would you like to make a little extra spending cash? Would you like to be in a major movie scene? If you said yes to any of these questions, you need to go to the promoter page and be one of the first 64 to sign up in your city.

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